Meet Our Caregivers

caregiver hugging her client

We are not what we are today if not for our caregivers.

Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers are the lifeblood of All Saints Home Health Care. Each of our caregivers has unique skills and talents which are carefully matched to clients’ needs. Although our caregivers can assume various roles in the healthcare system, one thing is certain: you are always the center of all things we do.

These selfless and dedicated people in our team are the ones you can give your full trust to look after the very people who are dear to you—your child, your spouse, the elderly, your loved ones.

Caring is an innate part of our system, it has always been that way and it will continue to be that way, so you can enjoy excellent services and attain the health and wellness goals you have for your entire family.

Please visit the All Saints Home Health Care office to meet our caregivers in person. You can also call 301-241-0060 to schedule an appointment.